The Centurions hit the Head Lines

There are a lot of familiar faces on the sportsman’s night tours these days, with AFL legends making a good quid out of travelling around the country telling yarns. Well, move over boys, because the netball girls are getting in on the act – and taking it up a level.

Three of Australia’s best netballers – LIZ ELLIS, SHARELLE MCMAHON and CATHERINE COX are the stars of a “stage show” called THE CENTURIONS that will tour nationally in early 2016. The Show promises to reveal the inner lives of the netballers, offering fans an insight into the private, professional and public lives of three sporting greats who have all passed the century mark for games played in the green and gold.

Ellis tops the list of 122 with McMahon on 118 and Cox with 108. Netball Commentator and coach Sue Gaudion is the brains behind the concept which has been eight months in the planning so far. “It will be like The Footy Show on steroids,” she said about the 2 1/2 hour show. “The dynamic between the three girls, which I’ve seen many times at 3am over a bottle of wine, is just fantastic, so now we’re popping them on the stage.”

“It will be semi-scripted, following the story of their lives, but there will also be a lot of unscripted fun. There will be some singing and dancing with a lot of audience participation.”

We’re tipping a number of the stories will come from the traditional end-of-season Mad Monday which our netballers tweaked to become ‘No Undie Monday’. There was also a Tuesday session with an interesting acronym, but we’ll let Liz and the girls explain that one.