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Liz Ellis. Sharelle McMahon. Cath Cox. Three netball champions on stage, up close and unobstructed!

The Centurions, featuring three of Australia’s most loved netballers, is a stage show created and produced by none other than netball commentator and former Perth Orioles and West Coast Fever head coach Sue Gaudion. “My mind can often be a bit of a ticking time bomb and most times it goes off in the middle of the night, which in the case of The Centurions was exactly 2am! Knowing 2015 was going to be a massive year for netball with the World Cup in Sydney I just knew there was something else we could be doing to add value to that experience.  I had a concept and after some discussion with the girls, The Centurions was born!”

“I rang Cath Cox first and spent time discussing the idea with her, but she was on board immediately.  Part of that discussion was our nervousness that Liz may not be easy to convince.  So call number two went to her, and the call lasted all of 30 seconds, before Liz said “Absolutely, count me in!”  The final call went in to Sharelle, and before we knew it, we had three very eager Centurions!”

The Centurions’ debut show is in Sydney in August, coinciding with the 2015 Netball World Cup, which is a perfect way for all netball fans to embrace the show.

“We think this will fit in perfectly with people’s World Cup experience.  This is all about showcasing netball and the great success Australian netball has had over the years.  The names Ellis, McMahon and Cox have played a massive part in netball history and The Centurions will allow fans, supporters and netball enthusiasts to get up close and personal with three of their heroes.”

From the days of the pleated skirts through to lycra bodysuits and beyond, The Centurions show will consist of over two and a half hours of stories, unseen footage and images, along with audience interaction and given Ellis’ well-known love of a wine, no doubt there will plenty of laughs also.

The trio will touch on the pain associated with injuries and missing out on competing at major tournaments, but also share their memories of stunning victories, having together won gold at the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002, losing the final of the World Cup in Kingston, Jamaica a year later, before redeeming themselves in Auckland, New Zealand in 2007, in what would be their last match together in the Diamonds.

Did you ever think you’d make it to 100 test matches?

Liz – I didn’t think I would play two tests after throwing about five balls to the opposition in my first test! Every test match is a privilege so to have played 122 is something I never thought would happen.

Sharelle – Not really!  When I was playing, the number of matches I played was not much of a focus, but I am certainly proud of the achievement now I look back.

Cath – Absolutely no way! I spent a lot of time on the bench during my Aussie representative period. Fortunately I played for the Diamonds for 16 years so there was plenty of time to notch them up. Had I played every game between 1996-2013 I’d probably be on 200-odd tests.

Given you played a fair chunk of your international careers together, what would be some annoying habits of the other two?

Liz – Hmmm funnily enough not a lot springs to mind to be honest!

Sharelle – Their habit of forming a formidable card playing combination together!  Our game of choice was usually ‘500’ and they often had a strangle hold over my partner and I!  No doubt there were some dubious plays involved….

Cath – Haha! I’m still friends with them and I’d like to keep it that way so I won’t be giving that much away. In a nutshell, they both used to be naughty and drag me into getting into trouble. I alone was an angel.

How has your memory of your playing career held up?

Liz – Pretty well. I remember the big matches and tournaments and of course lots about what happened off court!

Sharelle – Unfortunately I’ve got a pretty terrible memory.  I’ll never forget the feelings and emotions though of representing Australia, particularly when we were on court in the big games.

Cath – My memory of all the years is actually really bad. After so many training camps, weekends away and tours it all sort of morphs into one. I wish I’d kept a better record of all the fun times. I tell the girls now to take heaps and heaps of photos so that they also have the memories.

The Centurions show sounds a bit like a warts and all ‘This Is Your Life’. How many embarrassing stories can we count on?

Liz – Quite a few, especially if Gordy gets her way!

Sharelle – We’ll be trying to embarrass each other as much as possible!  There will undoubtedly be lots of fun and laughs as we share stories, some of which have never been shared before.

Cath – Hopefully heaps of embarrassing stories of Liz and Sharelle. There won’t be any of me, as mentioned I was always the perfect angel. I wish! In reality the thought of that actually makes me want to pull the pin haha. Let’s just say it’ll be quite the entertaining show!

Whilst their playing careers have ended, all three are still heavily involved in the sport through mentoring, coaching and providing commentary for the ANZ Championship. Not only are they great people, but legends of the sport. Collectively the three represent almost 50 collective years’ international experience and share nigh on 350 tests. They may no longer be Diamonds, but as The Centurions show will prove, they’re yet to lose their sparkle.


SYDNEY: Monday August 10 at Encore Theatre.

(Note, this is a Rest Day for the Australian Diamonds during the 2015 Netball World Cup)

 TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW from and will no doubt sell out fast!

Dates for further shows TBC.

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